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Monday, October 16th, 2017 12-3PM

Marinaro’s Larkin Tavern Will Present $9,160 Check from Fundraiser

Mariano's Larkin Tavern Tailgate during the Buffalo Bills vs. Carolina Panthers

Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation, Labatt Blue and Walmart announce Partnership in the Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign called “Cure the Blue” Special Labatt Blue “Cure the Blue” Walmart stores throughout Upstate and Western New York will support the fight against prostate cancer. A portion of product sales will go toward the initiative. September1, 2017…Buffalo, NY…The Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation once again has taken the lead in the fight against Prostate Cancer through its “Cure the Blue” initiative and partnership with Labatt Blue and Walmart.

Press Release


Committee Members gathered to discuss plans for Cure The Blue 2016 Initiatives.

Standing l-R: Lou Billittier Jr.,  Joe Ciffa,  Denny Lynch,  Joe Savattieri,  Matt Spencer,  Booker Edgerson,  Don Gerth,  Leo Kaminsky,  Bob Dugan

Seated L-R : E. Faye Martinear, Eileen Nosek, Sydney Brown, Robbie illos-Gerth, Ralph Galanti

Our Charity

The "Cure the Blue" Prostate Cancer Awareness website is organized and maintained by the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation.

The Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1999. It is comprised of past Bills players, who left an imprint on society during their football careers and wanted to continue molding society in a positive manner.

On December 14, The Buffalo Bills Alumni presented $85,000 in donations to over 29 local organizations, which "Cure-the-Blue" was a primary recipient of.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Buffalo Bulls Alumni and their impact on the Cure The Blue Prostate Cancer Awareness Initiative, please go to their website.

The "Cure the Blue" Prostate Cancer Awareness Project starts with a team of dedicated individuals who share their stories from the heart.

Our sponsors play a vital role by partnering with the Cure the Blue and The Buffalo Bills Alumni. Visit and support all of our 2017 Sponsors.

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Fred Smerlas                                           Booker Edgerson

Buffalo Bills - 1979-1989                          Buffalo Bills - 1962-1969

Pro Bowls -  1980, 1981, 1982                  AFL Champion 1964, 1965

Pro Bowls -  1983, 1988                            Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame 2010

                                                               Chairman of Cure The Blue

Billy Shaw

Buffalo Bills  1961-1969

AFL Champion 1964, 1965

NFL Hall Of Fame 1999

Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame

Booker Edgerson

Buffalo Bills - 1962-1969

AFL Champion 1964, 1965

Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame 2010

Chairman of Cure The Blue

Marv Levy

Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach

AFC Champion 1990, '91, '92, '93

NFL Coach of the Year 1988, 1993

NFL Hall Of Fame 2010

Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame